Am I truly Remarkable?

I often struggle with this question. People tell me all the time that I’ve done some amazing things, more than most people do in their lifetimes. While I know that’s true, I still feel like I’m not where I should be, that there is more I should be doing. If only I could FOCUS! But that’s another post. This post is about answering the question of remarkability. You can use this post to see where you stand or what you … Continue reading

Stop GMO’s from taking over!

This is a message from my dad to his email list which I thought I'd pass on to you.  If you just want to help in the call to arms, click here:  otherwise read on!

Hi Folks,
I need your help. If you remember your history, Europeans wiped out many native cultures by introducing alien DNA (in the form of viruses) when they came to the western hemisphere. Companies like Monsanto are in the process ... Continue reading

Catching up on 2011

As many of you know, I got into a horrible law suit in 2010 which caused ZachsTravels to be shut down for more than a year!  Now I’m back and catching up on old adventures.  Since I don’t have time to blog about every single thing that happened last year, here’s a montage of everything I got up to.  It was a crazy year!

2011 – the Year of Change

Members Only for ZachsTravels

Due to some abuse of Zach’s Travels, I’m unfortunately restricting access to to members only for a short time.  To access the site, just go to as usual, then you will be directed to a login page.  If you already have a login, feel free to enter it in and browse the site normally.  If not, click the Register link and you’ll receive an email with login info.  Hope this is okay and you still enjoy all the … Continue reading

Puerto Rico 2010

PA230334Keeping with my determined desire to leave the country once a year which I have successfully done since 2003, I took a trip to Puerto Rico.  Some of you may say it IS in the US, but I say nay, tis owned by the US but is not one of the United States which makes up our country.  But let’s get beyond semantics and to the adventure.

This trip was a little different in two … Continue reading

Bounce on the Boardwalk?

(Momma do not read this post)

I was watching tv before bed the other day and thought I’d check out Empire Boardwalk, the new HBO series.  It is really good actually and full of intrigue and interesting characters, but it also has a lot of naked women.  Apparently one of the characters owns a brothel or two.  A little ways into the episode, I realized there was something nagging in the back … Continue reading

Such a great week in Puerto Rico

Not only did it stop raining the day before we got here but it’s been beautiful the whole time! We’ve tasted rum at the Bacardi Factory, got stalked by a curious dolphin while diving, trekkd through El Yunque rain forest and swam in its waterfalls, experienced the beauty and mystery of the Bio Luminescent Bays, caved through the amazing Camuy cave system, and of course chilled out at a couple beaches.

I can’t believe we managed to pack so much in … Continue reading


Can’t post pictures yet. Not enough time. I really like having my phone and being able to post from it!

Went to he Bacardi rum distillery and drank a lot of rum. Made our way to Condado beach to soak in the sun and the water then out for sushi with a friend of mine that lives here and I haven’t seen in seven years!

Low key tonight cause diving tomorrow, plus I don’t mind actually getting eight hours of … Continue reading

Made it to San juan, PR

We made it safe and sound in San Juan, PR. We found our hostel = Forteleza Guest House and its in a great location! its pretty hot and humid but no rain, yay! didnt do much today, just walked around, got some authebtic puerto rican food, love tostones!

Then went to the tourist office to plan the rest of our trip which is coming along nicely. We then enjoyed some authentic Ben and Jerry’s and went back to … Continue reading

Austin City Limits 2010

Whew, what a weekend.  It’s always a challenge to get through the long weekend of dirt, odors, drinking, and music, but a challenge well worth undertaking.  This year, admittedly the line-up was the worst of any other ACL I’ve been to, this being my 4th year, but there were still some new finds, good bands to speak of and full-on rock my brains out moments.  Also, I just realized that next … Continue reading