101 Things in 1001 Days

This is my official 101 Things in 1001 Days page.  I figured this is going to take a while, so it needs more then just a post. I posted the original list on August 17th 2009 which would make my end date May 14th 2012 (both Mondays oddly enough).   Below is a count down to the end date.  I’ll scratch things off as I do them and feel free to suggest other activities to replace things I already do like “Plan the Yearly Tahoe Trip.”

Count Down



  1. swing on a trapeeze – Took a 2 hour trapeze lesson at Trapeze Austin and learned to swing upside down and get caught by another swinger!
  2. snowboard2/27/10 Annual Tahoe Trip.  despite the disasters, good times and two days of snowboarding, total of 3 for this season: shameful
  3. scuba dive – 10/22/10 diving in Fajardo, PR with Dee. A dolphin stalked us the whole time!
  4. get in a steady relationship – 9/26/09
  5. win at least 2 grand in Vegas – 9/28/09 won $3700, love black jack
  6. see circ de soleil’s  ‘O’ - 9/27/09 so good, you must go
  7. play hockey or broom ball
  8. get paid to do voice acting
  9. open an online store – 10/15/09 Happy Ugg Boots http://www.happyuggboots.com
  10. run a marathon - 2/14/10 Austin Marathon, got dehydrated but still finished in under 7 hours and got a medal!
  11. climb a difficult mountain like K2, kilamanjaro, or get to everest base campJan 2011, took 8 days to get up and down!
  12. do a triathalon
  13. get ripped abs, like the kind I can wash my clothes on
  14. join a martial arts class
  15. Make money from blogging
  16. get the sixfingerfist.com site to the point where i’m satisfied with it
  17. do improv
  18. be in a play
  19. take a welding class
  20. build a beer pong table
  21. go to a drive in movie1/15/12 went to see an Elvis double feature at the urban drive in with Sam
  22. Organize all my frequent flier, hotel, credit card, and car points and miles
  23. do a thorough detox treatment, shitting into a collander and everything (maybe in Thailand)
  24. go a month without red meat -9/19/09 went almost two months with not red meat. check out the experiment
  25. get an article published
  26. get a book accepted by a publisher
  27. learn 5 songs on guitar (Constant Sorrows, Take it Easy…)
  28. Find a real estate agent i feel good about1/2010 Brian Greenleaf
  29. find a lawyer i feel good about
  30. find an accountant i feel good about, one who saves me money,  – 3/28/12 Blair Chambers, got my complex taxes done in less than an hour in one meeting!
  31. turn my realestate properties into an LLC
  32. Learn German
  33. Learn Spanish
  34. paint something I can proudly display2012 I have a few good paintings now from Painting with a Twist
  35. Visit my brother’s family1/10/10, cute little Katrina and another one on the way
  36. See Spamalot
  37. See Hugh Jackman in a musical
  38. chase some storms for a spring
  39. learn how to kill, gut, and eat a wild animal (survival training)
  40. See Mount Rushmore
  41. raft the grand canyon
  42. take vitamins and supplements regularly (6 months to habitually)started regiment on 11/29/09; kept it up for more than 6 months but now off it again :P
  43. Go to Devil’s Covewent but not during a crazy time
  44. get my real estate back into the black monthly cash flowjust started getting in the black every few months this year :P
  45. don’t get a speeding ticket for one year (this is gonna be the hardest one, probably cause I’m still gonna speed, that’s just me)last ticket received on 12/1/09, it’s been over a year now! 12/10/10
  46. donate to the sperm bank in an arrogant attempt to deepen the gene pool
  47. frame some pictures and put them up 2012, even sent some to my family!
  48. get the yard to not look like crap all the time and be easily maintainable
  49. turn the garage into a mancave
  50. buy a new laptop - 8/1/09 Scarlet
  51. get good at photography with my new camera
  52. go on a liveaboard dive boat
  53. buy a new printer - 8/1/09
  54. give someone a gift for no reason other then I know they’d love itgot Sam some yarn from a yarn store one week :)
  55. pay Josephine back, erg, I keep forgetting12/30/09
  56. Pay more attention to my friends’ birthdays
  57. conquer my frustration of snail mail
  58. do more yoga
  59. Prepare a 5 course meal for 2
  60. Eat healthier foods, more attuned to my physiology and blood type rather than my lifestyle
  61. create a zoracle omni site covering me as an artist, an actor, a professional speaker, a web designer, and a voice actor, and my blog
  62. create a digital work of art I can proudly display
  63. do some jokes on an open mike nightdid two in July 2011! Went great!
  64. visit my parents just to see them – 12/09 I’ve been seeing a lot of them this fall
  65. watch a football game with my parents – 12/27/09 unfortunately this had to be the Colts giving up and Favre losing in OT, but still a good time with the ‘rents
  66. digitize and post on my blog my first European trip with pics and all
  67. finish this list of 101 things, this is hard! – 8/17/09 at least it was the first draft
  68. pay off my car - 10/1/09 whoo hoo!
  69. pay off Sallie Mae loans (this one will also be hard in the alotted time)
  70. learn to do a 360 on a wakeboard
  71. learn to do a 360 on a snowboard
  72. go to North Dakota, thus completing all States in the UnionFall 2010, man haven’t updated this in a while!
  73. go to Maine - 5/6/10, drove 1.5 hours from NH to Portland, ME just for some lobster and clam chowder, it was worth it
  74. Snowboard in whistler
  75. snowboard in Jackson Hole
  76. Arrange a Park City snowboard trip
  77. cook all my meals for a whole week without using a microwave or going out (let’s say a five day week)
  78. get ordained online
  79. stay in one city for a month straight
  80. get a radar detector
  81. Go a week without complaining about one thing
  82. go a month without lying at all
  83. Begin to see the beauty in things first instead of the bad
  84. Spend over $200 on someone -9/26/09 Rosario’s flights to Vegas
  85. go to 2 other countries I’ve never been toJan 2011, Egypt and Tanzania. Climbed Kili, then got caught up in the Arab Spring!
  86. do a vodka tasting of at least 10 vodkas to find the best vodka in the world  - You wont believe which one I liked the best.  I didn’t believe it myself, one of thecheapest vodkas there are: Tito’s!
  87. drink 12 different types of rootbeer – 4/10/10 I’ve drank over 13 at this point and ongoing. check out all the root beer swigs
  88. watch Godfather I and II
  89. Apply for the Amazing Race show
  90. watch the entire series of Avatar: the last Airbender – 11/20/09 watched the entire last season in one day with my dad
  91. volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
  92. volunteer for the Big Brother or like program
  93. Become a part of a social community, like a church or a club
  94. Set an exercise schedule of atleast 4 hours a week and a minimum of twice a week and stick to it - 11/1/09 Stuck to the training schedule so far for almost a month, running 4-5 times a week!
  95. go kite surfing
  96. scan pictures of when I was young
  97. send my parents some pictures for them to display or frame2012, only took 2 years but I finally did it, they loved them
  98. Stay a night in the hostel here in Austin
  99. Do a pubcrawl somewhere
  100. Go to Hippy Hallow – 5/29/10 a lot more young people then I expected
  101. put all my digital CD pics into terrabyte drives

And here are some more things that aren’t on this list but I definitely need to improve.  Why do I put all this information about myself on the web?  Honestly?  I really think it’s so I can organize all my thoughts into one place.  Plus, people will make fun of me for some of this stuff which actually reminds me I need to do it.  :P
  1. every week, spend 1 hour unsubscribing from spam mail.
  2. create purpose specific emails for each of my many life roles
  3. floss more regularly and use scope from time to time

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