DSC03038_nz Last night, in Timaru, we stopped on our way to Christchurch for the night. I was preparing dinner when a group of Swedes asked me if I wanted some of their rice stir fry. I respectfully declined. Yeah right, just kidding, I ate to my heart’s content. They were gonna throw it away anyway.

This morning, we got up, drove out to Christchurch and stayed there a few hours before going on to Kaikoura where we are now. Christchurch was a nice little town with a bit of history, obvously not much history, but there was some. I visited the Cathedral and the Memorial Bridge which was erected for the soldiers who served in the conflicts of the late 1800s and WW I and II.

I went to some of the beautiful architectured Provincial Councel buildings and then went to the city square where there was a guy on a step ladder dressed in all Quaker black and top hat with a long beard just talking. It was as though he were the town speaker or something. He was quite funny and a crowd had gathered to listen about how he comically approached the world’s history and how women were to blame for all war and the creation of shopping and men had quite hard lives indeed. Now we’re in Kaikoura and I’m going to go swim with dolphins tomorrow.

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