Ozzy hitchhiker

DSC03046_nz Almost forgot to mention the Ozzy hitchhiker we picked up yesterday on the way to the ferry. he kinda smelled but we found that’s because 2 days ago, he lost his wallet in Queenstown and only had 70 cents to his name. He had put his passport and return ticket in a locker in Auckland, so he was on his way back there to get everything sorted out.

He’d been living out of his tent and scraps of food he could get along the way. He’s a boat builder back in Oz, so he was able to get a free ride on the ferry in exchange for inspecting the boat engines and such. Pretty applicable job I must say. Felt so sorry for the guy. Leigh gave him a granola bar and a biscuit, all I had was canned peaches and he didn’t have a can opener. He thinks he’ll make it to Auckland by tomorrow though so he should be alright.

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