Home Again Home Again

At once again, I am home again, but a different home this time, Austin. It is nice to come back to my room and have a place for everything and DO LAUNDRY which hasn’t been done since BEFORE the Amazon. SMEEELLIEE.

After Dianne and I recouped a little bit from the Amazon, we took a 5 hour bus ride down to Ica (yes the site of the huge 8.0 August earthquake) to go sandboarding. There are so … Continue reading

Made it to Lima… again

Our flight finally left around 10pm last night, after
it was supposed to leave at 5:20p. OUr guide from the
Amazon, Luis, was nice enough to connect us with a
friend of his in Lima to pick us up when we arrived
and take us to our hotel, La Casa De Los Sanchez,
which turned out to be very nice; hot water, nice room
and beds, free internet and breakfast and above all
quiet. We didn´t get to sleep until around 3am and
laid around most of … Continue reading

Out of the Amazon, but not yet in Lima

small_Peru 2007 971 after 5 days in the hot, muggy, bug infested jungle,
we re sweaty, smelly and gross. We are sooo ready for
a nice hot shower in our hotel in Miraflores, Lima,
but our flight keeps getting pushed back and was
originally 5:20p and now it´s 9:30p. Luckily, our
jungle agency called before we took the taxi to the
airport, so we´re not waiting in the airport, we´re
just chilling, wait scratch that, we´re melting … Continue reading

Lost Camera, No More Zicam, Going to the Jungle

So the second day of the Inca trail, I got sick.
After a whole bottle of zicam which I brought with me,
I feel much better.

On the bus from Cusco to Puno, my
camera was stolen along with the brand new memory card
I had just purchased. Fortunately though, I only had
4 pictures on it. Now we´re safegaurding Dianne´s
camera like it´s a large diamond.

Arequipa was a very nice city, pity we didn´t get to
spend more time there. We met some nice people on … Continue reading

Lake Titicaca, Hot Springs, and Trails

Not long to talk, just got done eating dinner after a
lovely dip in the natural hot springs here in the
Colca Canyon region north of Arequipa. Tomorrow, we
see the deepest canyon on earth, the Colca Canyon.
Yesterday, we were in Lake Titicaca, the highest
navigable lake in the world. It was really cold. We
got to wonder around on some floating islands made of
only reeds where hundreds of people still live today.
It was really cool. We stayed with a family on the
island, but … Continue reading

Inca Trail and Machu Picchu

Man, I am tired, even though I slept for 10 hours last
night. On Wed night, we went out to this reggae place
called Seven Angels and had a little going away party
with Sam, Jenny, Hannah, Carmen, and others. Jenny
and Carmen left the next day to go bak to Germany and
DIanne and I left to go on the Inca Trail. The last
four days was tough but beautiful. I have soooo many
pictures of landscapes it´s not even funny. I expect
you all to … Continue reading

Inca Trail Tracker

I almost forgot, here´s a link to the Trekker tracker
where you can track Dianne and I´s progress on the
Inca Trail:


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Rainy Soccer and Sexy Woman

Okay, so a lot has happened this weekend and I don´t
have a lot of time to go through it all in detail, but
i´ll try.

Oh, nevermind, i though i hadn´t written since Friday,
but I wrote on Sunday. Anyway, Dianne finally made it
out of Lima and into Cuzco on Monday morning.

On Sunday, Sam and I were supposed to go to a soccer
match but we got the times mixed up and missed it. We
ended up eating and shooting pool at Norton Rat´s.
Later … Continue reading

Feliz Cumpleanos Peruvian Style

Okay,soi figured it out folks! It was the food at the
movie place that did it to me cause last night was one
of the worst digestive days of my life filled with
details I am notgoing to share unless you reallyREALLY
want toknow. Oh and I apologize for this keyboard´s
spacebar, itno work no good.

SoThursday slept in. Friday,went to my last day of
classes,said ciao to mis professoras, and received a
littlecertificate at the end of the night.

that, Sam and Jenny planned to take it … Continue reading

Getting Sick and Hanging with the Host Fam

Well it finally happened folks. My free foodin,
dancing lifestyle caught up with me and I got sick on
Thursday. My appetite here has been small the entire
time but it was starting to return. I think I over
did it though and just ate too much food at home AND
at the restaurants. Somewhere in there, I got
something, my stomach couldn´t identify and it wanted
to push out. You know how the mexican restaurants in
the states give you such huge portions, well here
they´re even … Continue reading