Feliz Cumpleanos Peruvian Style

Okay,soi figured it out folks! It was the food at the
movie place that did it to me cause last night was one
of the worst digestive days of my life filled with
details I am notgoing to share unless you reallyREALLY
want toknow. Oh and I apologize for this keyboard´s
spacebar, itno work no good.

SoThursday slept in. Friday,went to my last day of
classes,said ciao to mis professoras, and received a
littlecertificate at the end of the night.

that, Sam and Jenny planned to take it easy that
night,I wish I could´ve but it was Oscar´s bday party
thatnight at the house. I was instructed to be home
by eight which is when guests would startarriving. I
expected food at this timehaving seen the wholepig
carcas Sarah and Marda brought home from the market
the day before. oh don´t worry I got pics.

guests did not start arriving until around 9:30 and
drinks were served immediately. Apparently the goalis
to get your party as sloshed as possible BEFORE
eatingso they´re sure to hjave a good time cause food
didn´t get served until 12:30!! Raquel,Magdelan, and
I were soooo hungry. We stayed in their room talking
and laughing until around 9:30 when I joined the
spanish speakers in the other room. I did pretty well
i think and found out i can entertain in any language,
nomatter how little of it i might know,in fact that
sometimes makes it better. For instance, I told a
story of one day in class when I was trying to say, “I
broke my bone” “Rompi mi hueso” but I accidentally
said “rompi mi huevos” which literally mean broke my
eggs, but in slang translates to “I broke my balls.”
Everyone thought that was quite funny. ASfter about 4
whiskey cokes, i think anything is really funny.

Finally, Marda brought the pig out and we ate and ate
and shortly after, around 2:30. I went to bed. The
party kept raging until aroun 5 or 6 I was told. I
gotup at 8 and packed my stuff up,said goodbye to my
host family and got in a cab.

Oh, and apparently, you´re supposed to give your host
family a gift, so since i had taught themhow to play
poker (they also taught me this game called Nervioso),
i wanted to get them some poker chips. I searched
lejos y anchos for pokjer chips and there were none
tobe found,after four plazas, who knows how many
markets and one “mall” called Molinos, I gave up and
bought an old Monopolio set and used the money out of
there. I gave em my own deck of cards which have been
to many countries with me and slipped the rules of
poker inside. I thought that was a pretty good gift
and they were very happy to receive it.

I gotta say, i did enjoy my time there, but it´s nice
to be outofthe house. I no longer have to go homefor
meals or have anyoneelse to report to. I think it´s
proof that i could never move back in with my parents,
I´m too independent at this point. :P

Oh and this morning,i took my first WARM shower in two
weeks!! Oh it felt soo good. I wouldn´t mind if it
werejust a bit hotter though,trhat would eb so nice.
Anyway, yesterday,went shopping with Carmen,Jenny,and
Sam. Then Sam and I went to the IncaMuseum which was
simple and all in spanish buit I thinkI trasnlated
mostof it pretty werll, just didn´t know the science

Afterwards, we grabbed some cafe (water for
me) at Cappacinos and talk of psycology, real estate,
travel, and the like for quite some time before we
walked over to Myuthology to reserve the big screen to
see a movie with the girls later on. We saw Thank You
for Smoking which i highly recommended and it went
over well as always,such a good movie. I had the same
thing as before, tequenos and chicken and I think it
was the chicken that did it to me. Rergardless, I´m
never eating there again.

After the movie,we hung out at Indigo for a bit then
went to Uptown for about an hour but the music turned
to suck and Marleen, Iniz and I left for Mythology and
danced for many hours before others we knew began to
show. Oh btw,this was when i started
havingsomeproblems. As soon as we got to Uptown,I
used the bano, then later on in Mythology where in the
toilet has no seat,nice. At that point,i was
feelingpretty awful, so I returned to the hostel and
had to go again, but of course there was no toilet

Well, iot´s a long story but suffice it to say
that I woke up the landlady who gave me tp and went
again. Lovley story iknow.

Anyway, this morning I was supposed to meet Dianne at
the fountain,but she missed her flight fromLima so I´m
just checking emailto see if she can get another one.
I´m glad i didn´t dfecide to meet her at the
airport,that would´ve sucked. Veamos.

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