Busy Busy December

Man, it’s been a busy month.  I waited until December 1st before buying gifts and before I knew it, it was December 15th!  It just flew by.

I started out in Ellensburg, WA which was kind of stressful cause of a mix up in flight arrangements, then I flew to Little Rock for an account and  met some really nice people there. I’ll be honest, I hate the midwest, it’s flat, there are tornados a large portion of the year and there’s very little to do there, BUT the people are great; really down to earth, just want to have a good time sort of people. Flew in on Friday at 6p and raced home to change and go to a Christmas party with Rosario’s family.  It was a lot of fun and we cut a rug on the dance floor pretty well. MMmmm, just remember the taste of the tres leches, sooo good.  The next day, I got up early and went to the Alamo Ritz Draft House to rehearse for the Mortified show I was doing that week.  i got to hear all the other journals which were great, but we didn’t have time for me. That was okay though, i’d done it once before earlier this year. After I left there, picked up Rosario and we drove up to Fort Worth for a friend of mine’s wedding. The joining of Lyle and Caroline was quite lovely and afterwards, we retired to share a hotel room with my parents. We played farkle till the wee hours… well like 10 or 11.  ;)

Drove back to Austin on Sunday and stayed up way too late trying to get stuff done I should’ve gotten done over the weekend. Then got up on Monday at 5 to get to work in Kyle by 7am. Worked there until Wed.  Wed night I did the Mortified show which went over fantastically. The laughs in my pauses were actually going on so long I had to start talking over them so I didn’t drag on too long.  I did get to intereact with the audience though which I loved; little improv always feels good.  “Where were you girls when I was in Junior high?”  Those of you who were there know what that means.  Everyone did a great job, it went so well.  I wish I could talk about everyone’s peice but like I said: busy month and much to talk about and it’s MY blog so I take priority.  :)   Couple highlights though I will comment on.

Nat: cried on the page of his journal, circled it and wrote “tear”
Lynn: so much fingering going on for her, loved it. It’s so great to hear those things that you didn’t expect to say to anyone, it’s so opening.  You feel like you can trust that person so much more.
everyone did a great job, those are just two that stick out in my mind. Oh and the band, I think they were called the “After School Specials”, they were so good.  I need to find them in Austin somewhere

::off to facebook to look them up::

On Thursday and Friday, I was back up in the Dallas area working. Over the week, I had started getting sick. Made it through MOrtified without getting a sore throat, but by Friday, I was coughing pretty severely. Plus my bowels hurt. I might have a peritenial infection, but nothing to worry about. Will need some minor surgery this coming year, but we’ll talk about that later.

Then Rosario and I were off to Vegas for 4 days.  Met Arno and Lauren there and we had a grand ole time. I lost a lot of money, but got to see some great shows.  Mystere was AMAZING! You must go and see it. There were two strong guys doing some amazingly difficult things, a guy with a rotationg cube on rings, pole jumpers, a huge fat baby and more! As for David Copperfield, I’ll say two things: DON’T go see his show and He’s a deush.

Walked around Aria and City Center; it had just opened the week before. Reviewed some tv shows, including one new one coming out called Life Unexpected. It was pretty good, I’ll look for it in the coming year. Other then that, just ate ALOT, drank, took pictures and danced around the cacinos.  Oh and the decorations in the Bellagio were very nice, but I still liked the fall decorations better.

Flew back in from Vegas and left the next day for my parent’s place.  Rosario flew to Cali for her nephew’s wedding and Christmas.  My Grandma, aunt, and uncles are visiting too so it’s a full house, but my parents new house has plenty of space. We’ve been playing games and chatting during the day. Around 10p when everyone goes to bed, I’m finally able to work and catch up on all the stuff I need to get done; like my blog!

That’s pretty much a summary of what’s happening here.  Oh! For Christmas I got 24 bottles of different types of rootbeer! That was one of the things on my list (suggested by Kristen Carter, thanks Kristen).  So now I get to blog about rootbeer tastings. Sweetness!  Merry Christmas all and goodnight.

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