About Me

As you may have guessed, my name is Zach.  I am attempting, as I hope we all are, to make the best of this thing called life.  I love to travel and go on at least a one month trip every year.  I love to surf, snowboard, wakeboard, whatever gets me to use my body… that sounds kind of dirty.

This blog is an attempt for me to be proactive in establishing my future as a writer, travel blogger, or journalist.  Currently, I do none of those things professionally but would really like to.  I’m a programmer, a coder, by background.  I love technology, we understand each other, but that doesn’t help in life.  People are not logical.  Understanding them is a process for me.  Writing about them is a life long achievement.  I hope you’ll find my adventures and my stories to be entertaining and perhaps even loved.  Check out the Short Stories section on the right for weekly updated novellas or follow me on one of my foreign (or domestic) excursions.

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