Stop GMO’s from taking over!

This is a message from my dad to his email list which I thought I'd pass on to you.  If you just want to help in the call to arms, click here:  otherwise read on!

Hi Folks,
I need your help. If you remember your history, Europeans wiped out many native cultures by introducing alien DNA (in the form of viruses) when they came to the western hemisphere. Companies like Monsanto are in the process ... Continue reading

Frustrations with the Medical Community

I understand the purpose of HIPPA.  It’s to ensure that our medical information does not get into the hands of someone whom we don’t want to know about it.  Personally, I don’t REALLY care who knows, but I understand how many people can be embarrassed or offended.  What I hate is when the rules go over board.  Not to mention having to babysit doctors and look after your own medical care which is really what they should be doing.  Here’s … Continue reading

Austin Marathon 2010 Step by Step

This may be for some too much information. But I am known for my extensively long and informational posts when I travel abroad, so naturally I’m gonna write a lot about running 26.2 miles! My final chip times can be found at the bottom.

The Expo:

the Zoracle Bib

The day before the marathon, there was an Expo at the Palmer Events center which was actually really cool. I’m gonna try … Continue reading

The Marathon

It’s over people.  At long last, it is over.  The pain and torment which was experienced, the discipline of training, the constant mental reminder to run every week, the hoping that I would not sprain my ankle or hurt myself before the historic day; it has all ended.  For Sunday, I completed the 26.2 mile course of hills and heat that is the Austin Marathon.  There were thousands of people cheering from the side lines and holding signs.  I remember … Continue reading

Supplement City

Last Sunday I started a regiment of supplements to get my body healthy and in shape. I purchased a butt load of pills to take some I feel I needed, some were recommended to me by my dad who’s a major health nut. So as of Sunday, I began taking 18 pills a day. That’s 11 different supplements of varying dosages. Now that may seem like a lot… well, it is. But my dad takes more then 30 pills a … Continue reading

Ending the Eating Experiment

So much has been happening, I never updated how the end of the eating experiment went. The chicken week went by without a problem. Everything’s a breeze after vegan. I actually didn’t have any great urge to eat more chicken. I still felt like eating fish. I only ate chicken three times that week. Then when beef week cam round again, I again didn’t feel like eating beef. But I had planned for … Continue reading

Green Update

Here’s an article from my sister in law Vaiva which I thought should be shared:

I am reading this cool book now: “Green Babies, Sage Moms – the ultimate guide to raising your organic baby”, and I am learning a lot.  It teaches you how to live green and not break the bank. It’s not just for moms :)

Anyway, I know I told you about a Dirty Dozen before (12 fruits and veggies with highest rates … Continue reading

Working out is Hard!

So I was sitting around the house on Tuesday.  Kelly had gone to swim practice, Spokes was at the gym, and I think Jake was out filming something.  I was at home eating lunch and watching TV and I suddenly realized: “I’m now the laziest person in this house.”  And that just won’t do my friends.

So Wed, I went running with RunTex and ran straight for a mile and then half mile intervals, a total of 4 miles.  OMG it’s … Continue reading

Evolution of Beauty

This is an old video, but I’ve always loved it and felt the need to comment on it.

We are a people of unrealistic expectations both in ourselves and in others. We’re made this way by the constant barrage of ideals in which we are told to believe and this concept of normality and beauty which becomes common solely because of its perfusion through out our entire society. I’m not saying we should look completely beyond the physical, for … Continue reading