Selling the car and hanging at the Aloe Tree hostel

Well, I made it back in the states. However, technically, I don’t leave from Auckland till 2:30pm this afternoon. Ain’t time travel grand! :)

Oh, ended up selling the car with 2 hours to spare yesterday for $1300, only 200 less then we bought it for. Meaning I traveled all through NZ for only $100 bucks plus gas and stuff. Not too shabby. Although I didn’t get to go to Rangitoto as a result, that’ll … Continue reading

What I’ve learned on this trip

Well no car was sold today, perhaps tomorrow.

Met a lot of interesting people in the car park though waiting all day. I went ahead and bought a world map and began planning my next trip. I wanted it to be around the world but there are so many places I have to hit, I don’t think I could do it in a year. However, looks like the next trip may be South America, if not Japan. We’ll see.

Of course the … Continue reading

No surfboards

DSC03162_nz Well, no surf this morning unfortunately, it seems a surf shop from which to rent boards is unheard of in the northland, you actually have to buy a board. That would actually be a good business to start I think. You’d only need 10,000 capital to start I think, get a van and 10 boards, you’d make it back in 3 months I think.

Anyway, that’s for another time. We … Continue reading

Whangarei, Sand surfing, and 90 Mile Beach

Okay, so from Rotorua, we drove up to Auckland, not 20km from Auckland we had a blow out and had to pull to the side of the road. It really chewed up the side fender but not too bad. The car’s been through a lot the last couple of days. We changed to the spare tire on the side of the road and then drove to an automotive place and bought a used tire for $55.

From there, we went … Continue reading

Chillin in Rotorua

DSC03085_nz Why, why did I drink so much wine last night. I swear I must’ve drank more then a bottle myself. We had four bottles of wine and one Champagne bottle and the 6 of us finished them all. It was me, Hannah and Lina (Swedish), Bruno (French Adventure racer), and Akira (Japanese wanderer). It was good times though. Now I’m off to Auckland as soon as I get some … Continue reading

Bone carving and Zorbing

Man women can talk. At Taihape, Leigh and the lady that ran the thing chatted away for hours whilst I stood there, and later the woman’s husband stood there, waiting to ask a question. Sheesh.

DSC03073_nz Anyway, we drove up to Rotorua and went to see some more thermal stuff, then I went Zorbing which was awesome! Basically, zorbing is sticking you into a giant inflatable ball and rolling you down … Continue reading

Ozzy hitchhiker

DSC03046_nz Almost forgot to mention the Ozzy hitchhiker we picked up yesterday on the way to the ferry. he kinda smelled but we found that’s because 2 days ago, he lost his wallet in Queenstown and only had 70 cents to his name. He had put his passport and return ticket in a locker in Auckland, so he was on his way back there to get everything sorted out.

He’d been … Continue reading

Swimming with Dolphins!

DSC03041_nz DSC03048_nz

Oh quick something I forgot to say. I met two English guys at Cathedral Caves who said there was a backpacker’s carpark everyday of the week so we don’t have to be back in Auckland on a weekend, so I think we’ll be able to hit north of Auckland.

Woke up extremely early this morning, 4:30a to go to Dolphin … Continue reading


DSC03038_nz Last night, in Timaru, we stopped on our way to Christchurch for the night. I was preparing dinner when a group of Swedes asked me if I wanted some of their rice stir fry. I respectfully declined. Yeah right, just kidding, I ate to my heart’s content. They were gonna throw it away anyway.

This morning, we got up, drove out to Christchurch and stayed there a few hours before … Continue reading