Bounce on the Boardwalk?

(Momma do not read this post)

I was watching tv before bed the other day and thought I’d check out Empire Boardwalk, the new HBO series.  It is really good actually and full of intrigue and interesting characters, but it also has a lot of naked women.  Apparently one of the characters owns a brothel or two.  A little ways into the episode, I realized there was something nagging in the back … Continue reading

Zach Turner: Dating Coach

This dating coach lesson is for the ladies. It might seem obvious, but I continually see it on countless profiles on dating sites. Ladies, DO NOT post pictures of your CAT on your dating profiles! I’m not saying I don’t like cats, I’m saying that if you’re trying to hook a guy through online dating sites and you post a pic of your cat in your prof pics, that’s all he has to judge you by and … Continue reading