Reflection upon the last Year and looking to 2010

Another year of life gone by.  Has it been a good one?  Did I do it right?  Will I look back in the future and say, “yeah, that was a good year”?  I think so.  Let’s see what happened over this year… but first!  New Years resolutions.

For 2010, I’m not resolving to do much cause I’ve already got so many other things on my list. But two additions are these:
1.) I resolve to play at least one round of golf.  … Continue reading

Forgot to Mention the TV spot

Hey, I forgot to mention that the Monday before the Mortified show, we did a TV spot on Eye TV in Austin.  It was Michelle, Patrick, and I.  Michelle and I were reading excerpts from our journals and I managed to stare creepily at the camera like a statue for the first half. Nice.  Check out: